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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Wise Womyn Elders and the
Rise of the Feminine Principle

By M. J. Milne

There are over 100-million menopausal womyn on the planet. That’s the population of a small country! In fact, it’s the population of Mexico. What does this mean in the big picture? The word ‘menopause’ means ‘change’ and yes, our world is changing.

It means for the first time in the history of our planet, there are 100-million Wise Womyn Elders whose purpose, whether realized or not, are here to assist en masse in the rise of the feminine-Yin* energies and the shift of our planetary consciousness. This is not by accident; it is ordained.

It also means that as we age and bring in the Goddess/Feminine energies the world is changing from aggressiveness to a heart-based energy---from fear to love.

We are being inundated with fear in the last decades of the aggressive-Yang* domination, a suppressive era. Now the flip side of the same coin, the Yin, is steadily taking its place as the major influence. No matter how much they refuse to change, there’s nothing anyone set in the Yang-based consciousness can do about it because it’s based on the shift of our planetary consciousness.

I believe that most of us---meaning Souls incarnated into a physical body---have not lived to this ripe old age before. Our Elder years are totally new to us. Most of us died in our thirties from such things as rampant plagues (e.g., the Black Plague that swept through Europe in the mid-14th century), all kinds of wars both ancient and present day, earthquakes and ice ages, invading barbarian tribes, bad hygiene practices throughout the Middle Ages, and a million other things that can cause death of the physical body.

So is it any wonder that we the over-sixty crowd are now wondering what we’re supposed to be doing?

The media keeps telling us how we should handle old age, what we should be doing, how we should be planning for retirement, asking us to give over our money so so-and-so-company can help us grow old gracefully, and other such retirement makeovers. There’s no graceful way to age gracefully! You just do it and hope for the best! No amount of planning and preparation will stop the flow and ebb of karmic change and chaos in our lives.

So how do we live gracefully? --- It’s easy to answer that question: Everything comes back to living your life with gratitude and unconditional love.

As you grow older, and hopefully wiser, we are growing closer together with one another. This is because of the rising Yin energies that without even trying are nurturing and loving. We over-sixties are in this together and we can, and are, helping one another. In my book “12 Golden Keys for a New World” I write about helping one another help others. Meaning, help one another. That’s the simplicity of growing older and wiser. We are learning at an accelerated pace that we’re in this together and we’re meant to help each other thrive, not only Elders, but young people too. Young people are banding together. Unfortunately, the media calls them ‘gangs’ giving them negative connotations, but they are actually meant to be similar to ‘pods’ assisting one another as a pod of dolphins swimming in unison.

We are in this ocean of love and mercy together. Start swimming in unison.

Copyright © 2012 M. J. Milne

[*Footnote: In Asian philosophy, the concept of yin yang (yīnyáng) describes how seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding; the intuitive, receptive, nurturing side of ourselves; and is associated with the moon and femininity. Yang, by contrast, is fast, hard, solid, and aggressive; the action-oriented, forceful side of ourselves; and is associated with fire, the sun, and masculinity.]

Artwork by Georgia Lambert, 'Chalice Well Deva'


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