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Monday, December 27, 2010

Who Do You Want To Be?

My sister in Ontario gives Bowen Therapy and LifeCleanse sessions to people in her area from Port Perry to Peterborough, and all around. I love her latest blog and thought you might too:


Can you answer this?  If you can’t, that is WONDERFUL!
Because that means we can start from the beginning. 

If you can, that is FABULOUS!
Because that means, we can start from your goal. 

All things come to those who DREAM of a better way, for themselves, for their family, friends, their environment, home, work, goals and our hearts. 

All things come, because we create a goal, we can visualize, and we look to it each
and every day, we walk towards it, step by sometimes tiny step.

We seek out JOY
and we feed this JOY to ourselves daily.

We accept ourselves for the BRILLIANT person that we are.
We are grateful, for our ‘mistakes’ for they are simply lessons
we call Life.

We have GREAT Love for ourselves and all things
because it is in our nature to do so.
We simply must find our own way to express our Love.
This is essential to our WELL-BEING, and our true HAPPINESS.

If you’re ready, at your own pace,
I can help you change your life
So that this book you are writing, with your life,
will better reflect your inner wisdom, greater health, energy,
and FLOW.

Call or e-mail your LifeCleanse Health Coach and Bowen Therapist today!
Call: 705-878-3363


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