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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Special 2011 Wish

*To the Kids of the New Earth, For You this New Year’s Eve 2011* A very special wish for the very best year to come: 

May you enjoy a peaceful, passionate, prosperous, and purposeful year ahead!

1.) Here is a special presentation for you to view.
Such a beautiful expression of Soul. Hope it brings you a healing of heart, mind, and spirit.

Or cut and paste this link:

2.) Consider for a moment … What is your Vision for 2011? Ask yourself:

  • What do I REALLY want to experience in the coming year?
  • What will heal my body, inspire my mind, blossom in my heart, and spark my Spirit?
  • What no longer serves me—something that I need to embrace and, then, let go?
  • What positive changes can I make RIGHT NOW that will cost me nothing but will give me what I need?
  • What one act of kindness/or/compassion can I do that will benefit someone within my sphere that I have overlooked?
  • What one thing can I do throughout 2011 that will continue to fill my heart with JOY? ~ Joy is contagious!

Vision 2011 – Enjoy Your Best Year Yet!

Love, MJ of


Blogger MJM said...

Image is of two people dancing in the moonlight. If you click on it they will start to dance!

December 27, 2010 at 10:40 PM


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