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Friday, March 31, 2006

An Out-of-Body Experience

Beth Annir describes her Out-of-Body Experience (OBE):

"As a kid I would get this feeling from time to time. I welcomed it, even wished for it sometimes, but I could never place what it was. My body would buzz, and I felt as if I was sinking into myself. If I thought about it, it would increase in intensity, and if I was distracted it would go away, even if only momentarily… I had been on a rather long hike, and was nearing the end, when I found myself walking alone, and walking very quickly down a steep hill. My legs felt tired and took on a buzzing feeling…The buzzing spread and I felt like I was moving faster than my legs could possibly go. Without warning I snapped high above my body, and saw the trail ahead of me, and the hills spread all around. The sun seemed closer and brighter, but I do not remember having any tactile senses.

"This time I could identify myself as what I thought to be a point of light. This astral body is described as different things for different people. Some people will take on an exact duplicate of their selves, and actually recall looking at both their bodies. The physical one resting on the earth below and their second body which their consciousness is now in. Others say they feel like they are a sphere of light. Others still describe it as a point of light, or a point of being. I'm sure there are numerous others, and really the possibilities are endless."

Secret of the 12 Golden Keys

SEEK THE TRUTH - In the book 'Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues' there are 12 GOLDEN KEYS. These Keys hold the great secrets of the universe, passed down throughout the ages for centuries... to reach you in this present moment.

The powerful knowledge of the magical 12 Golden Keys can be applied to your life in every area from health to wealth, to success and relationships. Their secret has existed throughout our history on this planet with an interconnectedness to the 'other plane worlds' or 'Otherworlds' – the parallel universes.

The practice of the 12 Golden Keys has been suppressed, hidden, and lost; they were hunted and stolen, and eventually recovered. Not unlike the secret messages in The Da Vinci Code.

What is it about the magical 12 Golden Keys that 'they' (meaning those who have suppressed the knowledge) don't want you to know?

In their simplicity they are already known to you, to everyone, but long forgotten, embedded in your cellular DNA. In other words, they already reside inside you.

Recently, in Quantum Physics a new biological paradigm discovered that our human mind and body are not distinct and separate from the environment, but is pulsating energy that is constantly interacting with a vast energy sea.

Knowing this, make it your QUEST to re-learn the ways to connect to this unified field of Living Source Energy and open your heart to it. It is possible to see your world from a different perspective, a higher view. There are en-LIGHT-ened Beings, and even some psychics and clairvoyants, who are able to and so can you. It is a natural phenomenon you do every time you fall asleep. The trick is to do it fully awake when you can remember.

Learn the ways to take you into the 'Otherworlds' to receive knowledge and wisdom by reading about the 12 Golden Keys in the book 'Universal Tides.'


You hold the key to the Inner Universes of spiritual essence. You have individual potential. By knowing your Self you will discover your reason for being on the planet at this moment in time. You will discover what it is you must learn in order to go forward. You make your own world, and thus, the First Key deals with responsibility and overcoming fear. It is the universal key and its spiritual power is for all Beings, as are all the keys. Have faith in who you are. When you realize how much power you have, that you can co-create your life, you will become infinite.

In The X-Men movies the mutants are the heroes. When you realize that our own cellular structure is changing everyday, you realize that we are the true mutants. But now we are changing in even greater, universal ways, in part because of the Chaos Theory.

The Chaos Theory is based on the mathematical theorem that the tiniest change affects everything, no matter how distant, including the weather. For example, when a butterfly beats its wings in one corner of the globe, with that single action, it changes the weather halfway across the world.

Use butterflies as your WAKING DREAM this week. By that I mean, every time you see a butterfly - whether it's on TV, or in an ad, or on a billboard, or on the cover of a book - stop, listen, and learn because you are being given a message. Your inner guide is trying to tell you something. So listen for your inner sound, like a ringing in your ears, and listen for the message from Soul.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spiritual Warrior Guild

Book On Spiritual Warrior Guild

I have had so many requests for the Spiritual Warrior Guild lessons that I've decided to compile them into a book. This will be an ongoing project and you can help. When you sign-up for the weekly 'lessons' using the form on the sidebar entitled 'FREE Lessons On Becoming a Spiritual Warrior,' you can take part in the book's creation. As I transcribe and compile them into book form, you will be part of their evolution. If you wish to write me to make suggestions, here is the email address:

This is a living book, and as you read the lessons, know that they are growing and changing and developing with your input, and also, under the guidance of the inner plane Guides (which you learn about in the lessons).

If you believe in a holographic universe and the 'string theory' you realize that our universe is like a slice of bread and many other slices lie next to it, an arm's length away, waiting to be explored. This large loaf of bread with its' different slices, and thus, different universes and galaxies, can be open to all of us. All we need is a 'key' to open the door.

In the book 'Universal Tides' there are 12 such 'keys.' Make it part of your vision to see beyond the physical plane into the Otherworlds, as the characters call them. It is part of your heritage and your future. To download the ebook, go to

Live to Live!

GAIA - Your Great Mother

"We need a spiritual reawakening to sweep the world -- a new cherishing of Gaia, the great mother. I don't think we will have the strength and courage to change our habits without some underlying change of heart." – Jaiya, B.C. Musical Group

This living, breathing Being is your physical plane home.
Treat Mother Earth with kindness & help us change our destructive ways.
Otherwise, according to Dr. David Suzuki, we have ten years left...
of breathable air and drinkable water. And then what?
You can make a difference.
Live to Dream!
Live to Live!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Are We Heading For Disaster?

Is it all hot air or are we really on a collision course with disaster? Any number of scenarios could happen and you could probably devise your own ideas on the subject of the supposed 'End Times' or the apocalyptic vision of the future. Anything and everything might happen. However, worrying about what might or may happen is a total waste of time and will only zap your creative life force. Most people add to their personal fears by getting caught up in global dramas as well. When you focus on your fears, you unconsciously create what you don't want to happen, even on a global scale. Focusing on what you fear only fuels more fear - and the cycle of "Negative Manifestation" continues. So break-out of the fear pattern!

It's critically important for you to understand that your THOUGHTS are the *cause*, and your LIFE is the *effect*.

Would you like to know how to eliminate most of the fear in your life? It's simple. Stop watching TV and reading the newspaper. Most of you are already aware that the media is a contrived industry that profits off your fears, your worry about events, making you scared and anxious. Feeding you news stories that make you come back for more. So ask yourself: Who benefits? And you'll answer – the media owners and their advertisers. News is a business, it no longer has anything to do with journalistic freedom.

So even though I try to bring you interesting stories and events, for example on the Outlander's Forum, be ever mindful and diligent in what you believe and what you want to let in to your 'space'.

From the Editor, Universal Tides