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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Who Are You Becoming?

The energy flow enveloping the planet is very intense so it's good to know that I am not alone in the resulting symptoms. I know I'm getting older, but there's more to it than physical age; it is definitely an energy shift, feelings of fatigue, and displacement of motivation, in other words, tired of trying to get on with the business of getting on. And yes, there are electromagnetic and man-made environmental influences that contribute to our general unwell issues. However. . .

Our depression and fatigue has a lot to do with coming into alignment with what we are supposed to be doing individually, not only as a community. To first know your community you must get to know your new self—that which you know you are becoming. Some of us are becoming healers or seers, some are playing with the new energy to figure out how to utilize the amazing attributes. It is real. It is here. Discover who you are to be, and are already, and your symptoms will dissolve. Healings are commencing now. It is the uncertainty that is the unwellness and accepting uncertainty is the first step. Uncertainty is the new adventure.

Much love,
M.J. :O)


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