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Sunday, March 14, 2010

LIsten for the Magic

Many people are looking for the magic. There is magic all around us, every day, in every way, both in us, and with out us. For Earthlings the magic comes to us many times through Mother Nature. The magic of the “divine matrix,” whether you call it God or Mother Nature or the Great Spirit, is all the same magic, that of a living, creative frequency of energy that flows through all universes, in all times, and parallel dimensions. Science has proven its existence, quantum physics is trying to explain it, and we are trying to access it every moment. The key is to stop trying, and let it BE.

Taripaypacha (tah-ree-pie-pah-cha) is a Peruvian word that literally means "to merge with the universe." In Andean prophecy, this refers to the new age of meeting ourselves again; a time when we are united as Children of the Sun, where together we co-create a new and better world.

Co-creation is the magic that is available to you now. It is all around you. It’s starting to appear in films, such as Avatar (2009), and books, such as the book based on the 12 Golden Keys (written by M. J. Milne; coming in 2010;

Some of the information being put out is disinformation to confuse you, and some people want to control you. There is one way to know the magic yourself: Listen!

Listen to your breathing quietly. The true you, Soul, resides in your physical body; Soul is the witness looking over your shoulder while you read this. Has your conscious mind, which is only 5% of your brain, met Soul yet? Soul is the magic! Soul is very real. Your subconscious mind, which is 95% of your brain, is already well aware of Soul. When the breathing in your body stops, Soul has left the body, gone elsewhere for a time. Soul is eternal. Listening for the messages that Soul gives you helps you to live in your present lifetime and to co-create health, happiness, and even wealth, if that is what you require.

By listening to the messages from Soul, you can co-create your life. The book about the 12 Golden Keys will introduce you to 12 strategies to do precisely that. Stay tuned!

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