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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

To BE or To DO---The Path of Purpose

Musings on a brisk morning: Our Soul purpose is to BE; whereas our life purpose is to DO. Do you know that your external life is now aligning with your internal being-ness?

This shift is taking place either slowly, in which case you hardly notice it, or, it's a dramatic shift and your life or your body feels like it's falling apart.

Either way, this amazing "alignment with your purpose" is part of what you signed up for in this lifetime. Your purpose is your path. Spirit / God / Source / Your Higher Self is in the driver's seat and you are being driven to where you need to be. . . for your safety and for your spiritual development.

If you need to rest, pull out the key and the drive ends. If you put a stopper in the Flow, you stop the Flow of Life. But you will begin again.

--MJM, Feb/03/2010
The book about the 12 Golden Keys will be here soon!