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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kids of the New Earth

QUOTE BY M. J. MILNE: "Kids of the New Earth (KNE) are at the forefront of a new cosmic movement, forging a new planetary consciousness. Don't get left behind! Read 'Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues' to find out how you can join the Spiritual (R)evolution."


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I have almost finished writing the new book based on 'Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues' (Utides/BWB). It's a non-fiction book explaining all 12 Golden Keys that the main character receives in Utides/BWB. Here, for the first time anywhere, is part of the opening introduction:

Spiritual (R)evolution is the Solution!

There is a growing phenomenon happening throughout the world, a subtle revolution in human consciousness that we are all contributing to. You and millions of others experience it everyday and the trend is growing. As you travel throughout your day you connect with each person you come in contact with on a soul level, usually without knowing it.

Millions of people from all walks of life are now seeing this inner exchange and experiencing a spiritual awakening. This breakthrough results in a new state of consciousness because the person releases fear and finds a newfound sense of well-being and joy, living a life of conscious freedom. It's the nature of our becoming that is forging this new spirituality. The 12 Golden Keys show how you can access the Inner Worlds, and thus, transform your life to take your place in the new planetary consciousness.

Why is this happening now?

Every 26,000 years our sun is in alignment with the very center of our galaxy, the galactic equator or core. The ancients knew that there are certain times during the cycle of precession of the equinoxes, when the earth-sun-galaxy relationship allows the influx of some kind of energy (the Photon Belt) that triggers a transformational leap in mankind. These crossing-points were known as 'Gates' by the ancients. Due to the influx and assimilation of these new energies, we are evolving creatures on the evolving New Earth.

These new energies are changing our cellular makeup, lighting up, as it were, and we are remembering that we are Beings of Light, Beings who are one with the universal Soul Energy connected in a cosmic community.

Kids of the New Earth (KNE) are at the forefront of this new cosmic movement, forging a new planetary consciousness. KNE is a term I use to call the growing number of young adults, teenagers, and children who are forming their own youth 'communities'; they will soon realize why. They already have a spiritual toolbox residing in their DNA; all they have to do is remember their purpose. (More to come on this subject.)

written by M. J. Milne (copyright 2007)
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Accepting the New Energies

Written by M. J. MilneĀ©2007

As we continue our journey closer to the Photon Belt and the galactic core, the changing waves of energy entering Earth are not only affecting our external environment, but also internally: the body electric. Recently I went for a dentist's appointment and when my dentist gave me a needle I received a strong electrical charge, reminding me that our bodies are composed of electricity.

The affect of electromagnetic fields, and the Sun's charged particles on Earth's magnetic field can cause us similar physical discomfort. A friend of mine has become so sensitive to electromagnetic fields and changes in frequencies that she can't sleep at night because of a constant vibration that disturbs her.

Humans are in transition, and the energies are only going to get stronger; therefore it's important to honor yourself and your reactions and sensitivities. Even if friends and family won't believe you when you tell them, "I can feel a vibration when I lie down or when I'm sitting on the couch, and I can't figure out what it is. It's driving me batty!" Know that you're not alone and that what you're feeling is real.

With all the cellphone towers, TV satellite dishes, satellite waves hitting Earth, and other external influences, including earthquakes, volcanoes and electrical storms, be aware of how you're holding on to the new energies in your body. Learn to let it pass through you, instead of tightening your solar plexus and blocking the flow. See yourself as an electrical cord and unknot the blockage to let it conduct its passage through you. It's also important to remain positive as opposed to creating a negative charge.

I believe we can use these new, stronger energies to heal us and to heal our planet. But first we need to learn how. And it has to do with relaxing into the energetics from the viewpoint of a loving vibration, in gratitude for who we're becoming: Galactic Humans. Be patient with yourself and the learning curve, and train yourself to ride the new current!

Live to Live! (Trade-mark)
M. J. Milne