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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

E-Zine: The Photon Belt

by M. J. Milne
Universal Tides © MJM 2006

Welcome to the Universal Tides E-Zine to help you create a better life for yourself and your planetary family. Many changes have taken place since we started on this journey together. I hope you are enjoying the exercises and living by the codes - you will be amazed!

By now most of you are probably investigating the coming earth changes and the prophecies of the Mayan Elders or the Hopi, or the reports from whomever you're reading on the Internet these days. You will find they are all similar in their pronouncements: telling you the fear-based negatives. However, listening to all the negatives will not help you through the coming changes (global earth changes and political upheavals). In fact, taking in only negatives will slow your progress and keep you 'stuck' longer than is necessary. Is it really important to know every earth change that is or will happen? I believe it is now time to let all that go. Be aware of it, be prepared for it, but don't focus on it.

Once we reach the effects of the Photon Belt - two years before or after 2012 - the light-phosphoresce will enLIGHTen and cleanse everything in its wake. If you're stuck in negatives, including the fear that the controllers of the New World Order (NWO) want you to drown in, your head will be hung so low you won't see the stars! It's time to disappoint them and light-up, or, rise up!

What is the Photon Belt?

Twice every 26,000 years our solar system enters a spectacular band of multi-dimensional light known as the Photon Belt. This is scientific fact. We know that this belt of light particles acts like a transformer of cosmic energy that cleanses and regenerates everything in its path. For instance, the cells of our body change and renew themselves like clockwork, so too does our LIVING solar system. It revitalizes itself when it passes through the Photon Belt.

Why haven't we heard about it before?

The information about this exceptional event has been suppressed, but not for long. When you light-up, you'll know! Actually, you are already experiencing the effects of the Photon Belt. The closer we get, the more your inner awareness grows, and your spiritual eye opens. Your inner awareness has grown steadily stronger since the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987 which marked the 50 year mid-point between leaving the Piscean Age and entering the Aquarian Age.

However, there's work and inner preparation to do. In other words, get your own house in order. To begin you've got to GET RID OF THE JUNK so you can see clearly. The junk includes media distractions, i.e. television, news, propaganda, brainwashing, violent movies, harsh music, conglomerate-owned newspapers, CNN, supposed best seller lists, getting rid of anything you feel has a negative vibration. 90% of all media out-there is fabricated to keep you in the dark by making sure you are confused and distracted with dis-information.

The same goes with your health: GET RID OF THE JUNK PILLS – the pharmaceutical companies want to make us all zombies and are only interested in sell-sell-selling us products that appear to work but only mask the problem. They do not want us well. Instead, support your own body's immune system and your light energy, which create wellness for you. It's no wonder the drug companies want to suppress your immune system with their pills, and disavow knowledge of healing energy! They can't make money from it.

It is time to open your eyes and strip away the veil. Like the old saying: rip off the bandage quickly, it hurts less.

I am not asking you to believe me. I'm asking you to know your own mind. 'Know thyself.' Research it for your self and dig underneath the self-perpetuating layers of untruth. One of the most reliable ways to find truth is to look inside your self. To do that you need to practice your spiritual exercises, to be able to discriminate between truth & untruth, and to have a guide along the 'road less travelled.'

Like any journey, a travel guide is needed. If you are willing, use the 12 Golden Keys (from the ebook Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues) and the Spiritual Warrior Codes (to receive the SWC free e-newsletter, sign-up at as your guides; but more importantly, find your spiritual inner guide.

Read over the SWC 8th Lesson and redo the technique: Ask before going to sleep: "I wish to meet my special mentor or guide on the inner who will teach me what I need to learn?" When you awake the next morning, write your experience in your dream journal. If nothing comes to you, keep practicing the spiritual exercise. You will amaze yourself!

If you have signed up to receive the weekly E-Zine, then special broadcast messages like this one will also arrive periodically, until then gently go over the twenty lessons. Before you go to sleep each night, read a lesson, then take it lightly into the dream state. Amazing things are happening. Believe.

Live to Live!
Brought to you by Universal Tides -- The book that wants to help our little blue planet survive!

Universal Tides©M.J.Milne 2006
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