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Monday, May 29, 2006

Win Free Copy of Utides

Tell Us Your Story of Conscious Living

What do you think is the most important secret of living life and why?
Let us know how this great secret has affected your life. You can also write a story from the heart.

The most genuine answer (it does not have to be well-written) will receive a free downloadable copy of the 300-page New Age Sci-Fi novel entitled Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues from -- No strings, simply free.

Add your comments here to the blog, or for a more private message, email us at: Please include your name and email address; otherwise we can’t get in touch to send you the free prize.
Some readers believe one important way to live life is by the Law of Attraction: in other words, whatever you focus on, you attract; so why not attract the best for yourself by thinking positive thoughts.
Others believe it is consciously Living by the Three: Before you take any action, first ask: Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true?
Still others believe it is Living in the Now, or staying in the present moment.

My neighbour believes the secret to living life comes through Loving Animals and having pets because they open your heart.
There are many other spiritual Truths. What is your ONE favorite?
Deadline for entries is July 15, 2006.

Please note that the story/answer chosen by us will be published by Universal Tides either on this blog and on any other affiliated website, and becomes the copyright of Universal Tides for those websites only; if we wish to use it for anything else we will ask for your permission. Thanks!

Contemplative Quote

"As Soul, you are like a balloon that rises above the ground. The higher you go, the farther you can see. And the farther you can see, the better you can plan your life."

- Harold Klemp, The Language of Soul

Friday, May 19, 2006

SWG Testimonial

Spiritual Warrior Guild Testimonial: "I have absolutely no problem receiving your just keep sending me your stuff.... its awesome! It's about time people recognize how simple it is to just purify our thoughts and see marvelous changes in our lives." - Jason, Mumbai, India

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Utides: BWB" Collectibles

By popular demand, find sci-fi survival gear & gifts here! Collectibles related to the story "Universal Tides" can be purchased at the online shop called: "THE MYSTIC TRUNK" at:

In the ebook 'Universal Tides' (Utides: BWB) the mystical Wizard has a magic trunk. The Wizard's MYSTIC TRUNK is a shop where you will find collectibles from the popular book! Inside is everything you desire and nothing you truly need...But hey, PPR Outlanders love to go shopping! If you don't know what a PPR Outlander is, or for a FREE sign-up to become a PPR Warrior go to:


MySpace Devoted to Utides

There is a MySpace devoted to "Utides: BWB" at:

Moderated by Tonka Grail, a fan.

Article on Utides Author

"UNIVERSAL TIDES: BARBED WIRE BLUES" - Major Secrets are revealed in New Age Sci-Fi E-Book, plus 12 Golden Keys.

Posted on Apr 20 2006
The Outlook Newspaper, Vancouver, Canada

By Jennifer Maloney, Staff Reporter
Apr 20 2006

Coffee With .. Sci-Fi writer grounds futuristic plot on today's ominous signs of an unhealthy planet.

Big Themes - M. J. Milne brings corporate corruption, spirituality and saving the world together in her new book, Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues, available online in e-book format at

Whether the conversation leads into her 12 years as a city bus driver, her fascination with alternate realities or her belief in the human spirit, time tends to disappear when one sits down with MJ Milne.

Today, the elegantly dressed screenwriter was unexpectedly given the day off from Thomas FX, a local special effects company, which she informs, has been selling out of fake blood as fast as it can order it. The film facility is one of several places Milne, the office nanny, minds on the North Shore.

But horror flicks nor office duties are top of mind for the North Van resident today. Milne has just finished publishing a controversial online book entitled Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues, and is anxious to discuss it.

The book is inciting interest from Trekkies and the cosmic conscious, but the author hopes its environmental message will reach even those who do not believe in second sight.

'Here we are living on this planet, but we are not taking responsibility for it,' she says from a restaurant booth at Park and Tilford. 'That is the only option I believe we have on the Earth today.'

The story follows a university microbiologist who discovers the 12 golden keys, survival skills that allow her to escape planetary ruin by visiting parallel universes. In order to leap through galaxies, the character must enter an altered state of consciousness.

While the idea of space surfing without rocket fuel may seem far fetched to some, Milne insists the concept is being proven possible through quantum physics. The theory magnetizes skeptics, but the book's controversy does not stem from non-believers.

'You either believe it or you do not,' Milne explains. 'What's controversial about the story is the corporate dictatorship of North America.'

The story also features a North American dictator who uses an experiment from a kidnapped scientist to control the populace. The dictator is one of the global elite who is raping the world of its gold and oil and gaining total control over its population.

Milne stands behind the implications of her story line, which overtly criticizes North America's present leadership, however this close to Earth Day the soft-featured writer is more interested in discussing the planet than politics.

The idea for the story actually came to her 25 years ago, she explains.

In 1976, Milne started hand writing her vision. Effortlessly she transferred the 500-page manuscript into a book using a Smith Corona typewriter. But finding some one to publish it was next to impossible.

'It was before it's time,' she contends. 'I threw it in an old wooden chest and left it in my parent's basement.'

Decades later, the author was caring for her dying father at her family home in Vancouver when she came across the chest. She re-edited the manuscript and believes its content is more relevant than ever.

With dramatic events like Hurricane Katrina, the South East Asian tsunami, and the massive earthquake in India, Milne says more people are questioning the future of Mother Earth. The natural disasters have also given fuel for a younger generation.

'The youth of the world now have a cause, and watch out because they're our future and we have to listen,' she says. 'They're all about saving the planet.'

The only way to prevent planetary disaster, she contends, is to take responsibility and create a sense of community among the world.

'There's definitely hope, but we have to start now,' she advises.

Milne herself only eats pesticide-free organic foods. She prefers her bike or the bus to a gas guzzler, and doesn't buy anything plastic. These small steps are part of a planetary revolution she believes will be championed by the young generation. The rest is all about balance.

'The story line of Universal Tides has a light side and a dark side, the twin aspects of life,' she says. 'We all have two choices in life: to live from love or to live from fear.'

The secret, she contends, is realizing love always overcomes fear. And one doesn't have to believe in beaming up Scotty to figure that out.

(Milne's book can be found at

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