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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Spiritual Warriors Wanted!

Salute Outlanders,

Dark forces that would destroy Earth are gaining power. The earth is in upheaval. Chaos rules! Rebellious bands roam the planet, looting and robbing. Reptiles and shapeshifters lurk around corners. We are lost in the dungeon's maze. There is no escape, except to follow the BLUE STAR.

SIGN-UP for Lessons on How To Become a Spiritual Warrior. (See form on sidebar) Time is running out! The Mayans tell us we are on a Cosmic Clock, a countdown to the year 2012. The Aztec, and Hopi, also tell us to watch for signs. The Spiritual Warrior lessons teach you how to become aware of subtle signs, and also how to 'see' into the inner planes -- your 2nd Sight!

Using the Spiritual Warrior Codes and the 12 Golden Keys it is possible for you to see the 'Bigger Picture.' Already you are becoming 'sensitive' or clairvoyent, on a journey within yourself. There is a golden thread of love and protection just beyond your reach, find out how to access it before the changing times come. Soon your little blue planet will be entering the Photon Belt, but you won't hear about it in the news media. The politicians don't want us to know about it. Why? Because it gives them power over us, to keep us in the dark.

Take a reality check. And know that only you create your own reality. And here's a KEY for you to remember: Remember that the law of the Universe is that we attract what we focus on. If you are focused on fearing whatever may come, you are sending a strong message to the Universe to send you whatever you fear. Instead if you can get yourself into feelings of joy, love, appreciation or gratitude, and focus on bringing more of that into your life, you are going to avoid the negative stuff automatically.

So here's a tool to add to your spiritual, survivalist toolbox: Find something to be happy about every day, and every hour if possible, moment-to-moment, even if only for a few minutes. This is the easiest and best protection you can have: a positive mind.

Talk soon, Live to Live! MJM