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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hung Up in the Illusion?


I hope you've passed through a creative winter and are now ready to have fun in the springtime and into the summer. I've been busy sketching out a sequel to "Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues." It's going well, but slowly. It takes time for the Living Energy to download into my Earth brain, or so it seems, but then, the forces might not be ready to go public yet. 

My guides tell me great things are on the horizon, but also many changes, and much chaos. Not hard to guess that change and chaos are rampant. After all, it's all part of being here on planet Earth and doing what we've come here to do. If you know your purpose for being here, you're half way there, my friend. It also means you're not hung up on the illusion we call the 'social consciousness' in this, the physical realm.

So look alive, things will happen to you this year that will amaze you! Adventures await! But first, to go on an adventure, you've got to grab your walking staff and walk out your door!

Do you remember the opening quote on the first page of my novel? And also that my book says: the tides of change are upon us. So here's the first quote:

'All humanity on this planet, regardless of colour, creed, race, sex, or nationality is one family. All human beings are brothers. They're all one being. Every human being is on this planet to learn.  No one is here for a free ride. Everyone chose to come here, to wear a human life form in order to learn something he knew he needed to learn. Unfortunately, people sometimes forget they're simply "wearing" their bodies. They get hung up in the illusion they call the real world.' - Ruth Montgomery, Strangers Among Us

Live to Live,

M. J. Milne


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