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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Contest Winner!

Winner of the Utides Contest Tell Us Your Story of Conscious Living is Jason P.

Here is his winning article:

The greatest secret is to monitor every thought you have and govern it with intellect. Everything is based on the watertight Law of Cause & Effect. So all we have to do is co-create with a positive thought, action and deed. I give everything I want to receive, love, money, joy and happiness, just about anything. It comes back to me multiplied. I have recently received a raise in salary, I get free tickets to shows, I have a lovely relationship with all at home, I love my job and my BOSS. Yeah! Live to Live! Cheers!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU JASON. You win a free copy of the New Age Sci-Fi E-Book Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues. Please let us know how you enjoy it. And thank you to all the other entries. They were all great. Intelligent, heart-opening stories. Keep believing in your dreams and DREAM BIG.
Live to Live!